Eminent Paper Industries LLP

Machine Details

Machine Specifications and Technical Infrastructure

Double wire

Deckle: 4050mm

Speed: 400 meter/min

BF Range: 18-35

GSM Range: 120-280

In order to improve our product quality and have a better cost viability along with keeping our eco-friendly approach in mind we have installed the following:

  • High Consistency Disc Filter – for better fiber recovery and thickening of pulp, better mat formation and filtration efficiency, helps to improve product quality, recover fine solids, reduce fresh water consumption, save heat energy by closing water circuits
  • Turbine – 1 MW multi stage back pressure turbine producing 850 KW for energy co-creation.
  • Solar energy – using a renewable source of energy not only reduces our carbon footprint but will prove to be more cost effective in the long run.