Eminent Paper Industries LLP

About Us

Eminent Paper Industries LLP is kraft paper manufacturing plant based at Kosamba, Surat. With a production capacity of 200 tons per day our target is to manufacture high grade kraft paper used for packaging in various verticals such as FMCG, automobiles, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, food industry, e-commerce, heavy industrial packaging, retail sector in the local as well as export markets.

Core Values

Understanding the need of the hour to protect our environment Eminent Paper has adopted a holistic eco-friendly approach in all aspects of its manufacturing process keeping in mind the government’s initiative to promote the use of renewable sources of energy and recycling of material. The very ethos of our functioning lies in the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our vision is to encourage entrepreneurial ownership, efficient team management, and a holistic working environment. We are committed to do business in a way that makes a difference to the world. We aim to motivate our people by inculcating strong professional work ethics to ensure consistency in quality and service to our customers. We aim to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction through timely deliveries along with enhanced quality and uncompromised value of all our products. We also strive towards, providing a competitive advantage through superior products and value to carve a smile on each face that trusts us in the paper industry.

Some of our key fundamentals are:

  • We are honest and hardworking
  • We value excellence at work
  • We are loyal and customer centric
  • We are always thriving for innovation

Our Management Team

Mr Sanjay Agarwal

Mr Ritesh Agarwal

Mr Aman Agarwal

Mr Kanishka Agarwal

Eminent Paper Industries LLP is a joint venture of 2 textile processing conglomerates namely Agarwal Group (http://agarwalmills.com/) and Rachna Group of Companies (https://rachnagroup.in/) having experience of over 30 years each in the field of textiles.